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  1. What is and what is its purpose?

    The first radiology Ebook was created in 1994 [AJR 1995;164: 485-488] at about the same time as the advent of the World Wide Web.

    The Web flourished over the next decade as a radiology learning medium, helped in part by the ubiquity of Web browsers on personal computers, its uniform HTML document format, and the free nature of the educational resources placed on the Web. Unfortunately, over the same time Ebooks floundered as a radiology learning medium due to the relative paucity of Ebook readers and the multiplicity of Ebook formats.

    Recently, the use of Ebook readers (Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook) and mobile devices (Apple iOS and Google Android) has become widespread and Ebook formats are consolidating in number.

    With the widespread adoption of mobile devices in our lives for communication, it is only natural that radiologist's preferences for learning are begining to shift from Web-based resources accessed from personal computers to Ebooks and Apps on mobile devices [JACR 2012;9:759-760].

    Importantly, authoring tools for Ebook creation are proliferating and becoming easier to use. Effectively anyone who can use a word processor can now author an Ebook. In particular, professors should be encouraged to convert their educational materials to Ebooks and make them freely available as they have done with Web sites in the past. Ebook usage metrics can be gathered and such evidence of educational scholarship can be used in the promotion and tenure process.

    Unfortunately, unlike the Web, educational radiology Ebooks and Apps are usually not free.

    Therefore, the purpose of is to highlight the work of those who create free educational radiology Ebooks and Apps and to encourage the creation of further free radiology educational resources. is a digital library of free educational radiology Ebooks and radiology Apps. It is a compliment to the site which indexes free radiology education Web sites.

  2. I have a free educational radiology Ebook or App. Will you link to it?

    Yes, please Contact Us with the details.

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    The intended audience is physicians practicing radiology at all levels of training.

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    The information contained in is not a substitute for the medical care and advice of your physician. There may be variations in treatment that your physician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances.

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    Michael D'Alessandro received an M.D. from Wayne State University School of Medicine, completed a residency in Diagnostic Radiology at the University of Iowa, and completed a fellowship in Pediatric Radiology at Children's Hospital Boston / Harvard Medical School. He is currently a Professor of Radiology at the University of Iowa and a pediatric radiologist at Children's Hospital of Iowa.

    Dr. D'Alessandro's research is in the field of digital libraries and educational informatics.

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